Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Slowly but surely I have been making progress with my latest piece.   In keeping with the theme of Alice in Wonderland I created the twins.
I first started by drawing my girl in my sketch book.
Then I transferred  my girl onto a piece of masonite board using carbon paper then traced her with tracing paper so that I had a flipped version of her to transfer to the other side.  A mirror image of the girl!
 Next, I started painting their faces and body. I used water color crayons, Titian Buff Golden acrylics, neon red Golden acrylics , pencil, Montana Markers in neon and large Pitt Pens in black and white.

 I used a stencil and Golden Glass Bead Gel and a stencil for texture on their dresses and some on the background. Next  yellow acrylic paint was used on the background.
 Its hard to see but I used a stamp and ink pad in black for the background but then lightly painted over it so setting it into the background.  I applied the arrow stencil with orange acrylic paint in the background as well.  I used some grafite on the dress to cast shadows and dirty it up then I added bows and a pearl flat sticky back bead as well as a crystal on top of their propellers for the finishing touch.
 Here is the finished version of my girls.  I love the brightly colored hair with the contrast of the yellow background and black and white stripped shirts.

Terminator costume..... I'll be back

For Halloween this year my son wanted to dress up as the Terminator. Yes, my 9 year old loves Terminator movies thanks to my husband introducing them to him.
So I went on a search through Pinterest and Youtube to figure out how to make this costume come alive. There are some really great "how to create a cyborg costume" on youtube that helped me figure out what I wanted to do.  I bought some face paint, fake blood and grabbed my tacky glue and went to work.
I ordered a cyborg prosthetic from amazon that said it was kid size but it was more like adult so I cut it down to size and used sprit gum to adhere it to his face. Then I used Tacky Glue around the edges to seal it and to make it look like torn skin.  On his hand I used the tacky glue to outline the opening and then used grey, black and white face paint to create the inside of the hand. I did the same thing on the other side of his face. Then I dabbed fake blood all around the glue.

For the finishing touches I took a pair of 80's style sunglasses and a red finger laser light and attached the laser light to the side of the glasses with sticky back velcro.  I found a jacket in his size on amazon and bought a toy shot gun.  A little spike of the hair and we were done!
Off he went to trick or treat.  All the grown ups knew exactly who he was, his friends had no clue!   The best part was he would knock on a door and when someone would open it he would say, " I'm looking for Sara Conner" and then after getting his treat he would say, " I'll be back" It was too funny!  
I wonder what he will have me create for him next year?  I guess it will all depend on what old movies my husband will be showing him next!
Hope everyone had a fun Hallowen!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.  Lewis Carroll.

That is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite fairy tales,  "Alice and Wonderland".  Today I finished my latest art piece called, "Curiouser and Curiouser".

Don't mind my messy table!  I normally will take a picture and crop it so that I can create prints but because the wood substrate I used was curved I couldn't get a clean line without cutting off some part of the piece. So I started to play with it in Photoshop. My skills in Photoshop have come a long way but I still have a long way to go. I usually play with the color and contrast but while messing around trying to figure out how to cut out the background while leaving the picture in tact I discovered a happy accident!  So after several changes I have created a fun print of  "Curiouser and Curiouser".

I think Alice might have been hanging out with the Cheshire Cat! If you like the print it will be available in my Etsy shop. If interested in the original please contact me. 

I had a lot of fun creating Alice, thanks for checking out what I have been up to.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Upcycle Post.... Check it out

The founders of Upcycle Post came in to my booth this past weekend.  Loved talking to them and  what they are doing over there on their website.  
Right now its a gallery of upcycled product imagery, but it sounds like there are some big things to come.  They took some pictures of my scrabble tiles and one of my OOAK dolls and they are now posted on the site. 
If you love to upcycle or buy products from crafters who upcycle this is the place to go.

Check them out!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Redmond Arts Festival is over but I had so much fun.

I had a blast this weekend at the Redmond Arts Festival. I met so many nice people and I am so happy to see my girls going to new homes!  Thank you to everyone that visited my booth this weekend and a special thanks to everyone who purchased a piece of my artwork!
I will be updating my blog as to where I will be next real soon.  Hope to see you all again!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Game Boy was published.

Exciting news! Game Boy the art doll that Jackson and I created for the Anthropomorphic Doll Challenge was published in the magazine.   Even more exciting is that it has it's own page!

 Page 122
Thank you Art Doll Quarterly/Stampington & Company you made Jackson and my day!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Newest Creepy Cutie Jesse and Chi Chi

I started drawing Jesse and Chi Chi when I was sitting at my booth at Odd Mall at the beginning of June and I have finally finished putting her on a background and adding color.
She was created on a 11 by 14 wood canvas and she has some fun old papers that I have stashed in my studio.  Some of the old papers are from my great Aunt. She loved to write recipes on all kinds of papers and what not.
I used acrylics and some stamps and stickers for her background.  She is colored in with water color crayons, acrylics and pencils.  I used some twinkling H20's on her eyes.  Chi Chi was painted with acrylics and water color pencils.
I love how she turned out and while she isn't too creepy, Chi Chi is!  I was inspired by an artist that I met at the show Jessica Wilkinson. She makes the most adorable monster pottery!
Prints of Jesse will be for sale along with other Creepy Cuties in my Etsy shop as well as at Redmond Arts Festival August 15th through 17th at Redmond Town Center.  Vala will have an art installation at their new arts center and I was one of the artist picked to have a piece represented in the installation.  I'm very excited to be a part of this installation.
I finished up one more piece today called, " Sisters".  I have been missing my lil sis and so I created this piece thinking of her.
It was a fun productive day in the studio I loved it! Haven't had one of these days in a while.
Hope to be able to spend some more longs days creating again soon!

Jesse and Chi Chi 11 by 14 mixed media on wood canvas

Sisters 14 by 18 mixed media on canvas panel

Unforgettable (will be in artist installation at VALA)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Inspiration jar.

Most of the time I have tons of ideas going through my head, my brain never stops thinking about what I can create (sometimes too much thinking).  Then every once in a while my brain freezes and I get stuck.  I know I should really carry a note book around with me so I can write down all my ideas so when I do get stuck I can refer back to the note book.   Then again that would require me to remember to bring the note book with me!  The other day I was sitting there looking at a blank page very stuck.   I couldn't think of one thing.   I decided to look up words that describe, people, feelings or moods and write them all out. Words like brave, elegant, compassionate were some for the over 50 words I wrote down. I then cut out the words and put them into a large glass jar. My inspiration jar as I called it was now ready for me to use.  All I have to do when I get stuck is reach my hand in and  pull out a word to use as a jumping off point.

I used the jar the other night and the word I pulled out was"elegant".  Elegant makes me think of a fancy dining room or elegant dress so I decided to create the background with the word elegant in mind.

I first used washi tape, tissue paper with music notes, and dictionary pages to cover my background. Then I used water color crayons in, beige, salmon and yellow to cover the page. Next came a layer of titan buff and titan white rolled on with a roller.  After the paint dried I used a tear drop stencil and molding paste to create some texture.  When the molding paste dried I used some tan and brown water colors to wash over the tear drops.  I then started on the drawing of the girl.  I decided I wanted her to have a side profile and a long dress. One of the stencils marks came through on her arm and I thought it looked like a tattoo so I went with it.  I choose to color her hair lavender and used neo colors, pencil, pro markers and titan buff to color in her face and body.  I used a water color crayon in aqua and twinkling H20's for her eyes along with pencil and pro markers to complete them.
I finished up the piece by adding some stamping with a butterfly stamp and words then used distress inks in Vintage Photo by Tim Holtz for the corners and on the tear drops.   I used a rub on of the words, " stand boldly" in small writing next her.  

I really like how she turned out and I look forward to my new word that I will jump from.
She stands boldly in her elegant world.

Fairyland Zine

This year along with life Book I have been taking another year long online class Called, "The Year of the Fairytale" created and taught by Carla Sonheim.  Carla is the author of The art of Silliness and the Drawing Lab. She lives here in the Seattle area too.  Although I haven't really had much time to do all the work from the class I have enjoyed her lesson and discovering old and new to me fairytales.  Plus I have learned a few new technics to play around with. 
Recently we did a lesson on the Princess and the Pea and Carla asked all of us to participate in creating a zine.  We had to think of something other than the pea to put under the bed and so I created Princess and the Dragon.  In my illustration the princess doesn't know what she is going to do with all these dragons.  My illustration is on page 71.  It was fun to create this little piece and I love seeing other classmates illustrations too.  Click the link below to be taken to the zine.  Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Game Boy an Anthropomorphic Doll

Recently my son Jackson and I created an art doll for a challenge in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine.  The challenge was to create an Anthropomorphic Doll. 



[an-thruh-puh-mawr-fik] Show IPA
ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity.
resembling or made to resemble a human form: an anthropomorphic carving.
Also, an·thro·po·mor·phous.
While sitting on the couch thinking of the meaning of this word and how to pronounce it correctly my youngest son Jackson asked what I was trying to say and what did it mean. We sat there for a few minutes thinking of things that would be cool to make when my older teenage son came flying down the stairs, through open the fridge grabbed a drink and ran back up stairs to get back on his computer where he was playing an online game with his friends.  Jackson said, " If we were going to make a doll like that of Matthew he would be half computer"!  We both started cracking up and that was when we decided to create Game Boy.
Game boy is 5 inches tall and his hands were created as Wii remotes.  Game Boy is made out of paper clay with a tin foil armature. I haven't made too many dolls before but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create something with my kid. 
Game Boy's monitor/head was created using Yupo paper and liquid FX Inks and Dylusions Spray inks.  I dripped and sprayed the inks onto the Yupo paper and Jackson with a straw blew the inks all around the paper. Then we cut out a piece of it to fit inside of the monitor/head.  We then used a thin piece of plastic and glued it on the front to create the outer portion of the monitor.  Game Boy was painted in acrylics and sealed with a glossy varnish. 
Game Boy was sent of this week to ADQ and I got an email that he arrived but one of his legs broke during shipping :(.  Note to self: Use foil through the legs as well to help strengthen them.  ADQ offered to glue the leg back on and said it was still in consideration for the challenge.  I thought this was so kind of ADQ to let me know what happened and to offer to glue it!  Jackson and I are so excited to have this entered into the challenge and we had a blast making him.  We are crossing our fingers that we will see him in the fall addition of ADQ.  Wish us luck!
P.S. When we were finished making Game Boy we took him up stairs to show Matthew what we created inspired by him and he looked up from his computer smiled and said, "Cool".  
LOL, I think Game Boy represents many teenage boys now a days!
P.S.P.S  Anyone a fan of Shel Silverstein? I am and Game Boy reminds me of one of my favorite poems from his book, "Where the side walk ends".  Does anyone remember, "Jimmy Jet and his TV set"?

Baby's got a new hat.

I have been spending some time creating different looks for baby and I just finished up Baby with her 10 gallon cowboy hat.
I used the same process as I did with the first baby. I did try creating my own rub on's using  Grafix Rub Onz for ink jets and Graphics Fairy's free designs . 
I loved creating my own rub on's but I will say using the Grafix product wasn't as easy as I hoped. I will give it a few more try's before I decide if I like it or not.  So far it seems way easier to buy them. 
Here is baby with her cowboy hat. Hope you like her. I will have prints available of her in my Etsy shop real soon. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Meet Baby, the newest addition to my Creepy Cuties.

It's a rainy cold weekend in the PNW so what do you do when it's icky out? You paint! Well, at least that's what I did.  I spent the weekend creating a couple of new Creepy Cutie's and finished this one today.  Below is my process and what I used to create this piece.

Here is the sketch I drew out.
I transferred the drawing to a birch panel with carbon paper.  I love to paint on wood panels more so than canvas. It has such a smooth feel and I like how the paint and inks lay on the wood.

My next step was to go over the drawing with pencil and then spray workable fixative. I then used masking fluid to cover the girl so I could work on the background without worrying too much. (I'm a messy painter!)

Time for the details. I worked markers, washi tape, stencils with spray inks, stamps, rub-ons and some of my own doodles onto the background.  I painted her knit cap smoky grey and for her hair I mixed some white with bubble gum pink.  I used black and white for her stripped shirt.

Here is the finished piece. Baby is on a 11 by 14 birch panel. Her sides are painted with the neon red used in the background as well as some black.  If your interested in a print of Baby I have some available in my Etsy shop just click the shop button on top of this page and it will take you there. I will also have this on society 6 as well.
Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into the process of making Baby!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Creepy Cutie doll Samantha. Playing with Paper Clay.

I have this fascination with dolls. Big eyed and a little creepy are my favorites.  I think this goes back to those 70's Margret Keane prints that were up on my bedroom wall when I was a kid.  I love drawing doll faces but I wanted to try to recreate one of my creepy cuties with paper clay.  Sometime last year I started playing with paper clay and I created a couple of dolls.  Then I played around with polymer clay and created another but with not much time to create I decided to put the focus back on drawing and mixed media. Like always I can't seem to focus on doing one thing and so I kept thinking about creating another doll.

When I first started looking to make a doll I searched you tube to find tutorials and I had found one by called, " How to make a paper clay doll".  This was a really fun and easy lesson on how to create a doll out of styrofoam eggs and paper clay.  I decided to use this process to create my creepy cutie.
Items needed to create the doll:

  • paper clay
  • two styrofoam eggs 1. for the head smaller than the body and 1. for the body.
  • chop sticks for the legs
  • wood block for the base
  • acrylic paint and pan pastels
  • washi tape
  • music sheet or another type of printed paper
  • ribbon, buttons and tulle
  • felting fabric for the hair
  • varnish
  • tissue paper and a tooth pick for the the lolly pop
  • E6000 to glue the legs into the wood block and tacky glue for the hair and clothes
When I was playing around with doll making last year I created a bunch of my own eyes by using paper clay and small dot stickers sealing then with uv resin.  It was way cheaper then buying eyes since I am still a beginner.  I used a set of the eyes that I had created before for this doll.
I started by sculpting the head and face then attached it with part of a chop stick to the body and covered the body with the paper clay. I created her arms and hands out of the clay and left the left hand down with an opening to be able to hold the lolly pop later.  I inserted two chop stick pieces for the legs and covered them with paper clay. 

I let it dry for a few days then I sanded the doll. trying to smooth out some of the rough spots. I painted her face using titanium buff for the face and black for the body. I painted stripes for the stockings and used a little pan pastel to color in the cheeks and around the eyes.
At this point she is looking more like the character from Despicable Me!

After I finished painting her I drilled two holes into the block base and put a little glue in the hole to hold the legs into place. When the glue dried I created her shoes out of paper clay and let dry.  I sanded the shoes and then painted the shoes and the base black.

Time for the hair, dress and the rest of the details. I glued the hair on the head with the tacky glue then tied them with string into pony tails.  I then glued small strips of sheet music around for her skirt curling the ends with a pencil. I then I used tulle around the skirt then covered the top part where the glue was in a layer of polka dot washi tape and then red ribbon.  I used the washi tape on her stomach and created a collar with with it as well.  I finished embellishing the doll with small buttons on the collar, a heart button and piece of black ribbon on the front of the red ribbon. I covered the base with the polka dot washi tape and then sealed it with varnish. I also coated her body with varnish as well to help hold the washi tape in place.   I created the lolly pop with paper clay a tooth pick and wrapped it with a piece of a lime green napkin.  Ta-day! My creepy cutie is finished!  My son Jackson named her Samantha.  So please meet Samantha my Creepy Cutie Doll.  Samantha ate too much candy and has a little tummy ache!
I think I might try some more doll making, it was a lot of fun to bring something that you have put down on paper to life.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This years school auction item turned out beautiful!

This year my sons elementary school held their second PTA auction.  My girl friend and I were in charge of our children's 3rd grade class project. Last year I spent many hours and many $$$$ on creating a piece so this year I was really happy that one of the kids in the class grandfather offered to build us whatever we wanted out of wood! We decided a table that we could have tiles in the middle for the kids to decorate it. We really wanted it to be something that although it was kid art it didn't look like KID art.  Since this year the kids are studying Australia we decided to do a little lesson on aboriginal art work and had the kids create some aboriginal artwork of their own.  .

The grandpa created the most beautiful out door table for us and I went to Home Depot picked up 24 4 by 4 black tiles for the kids to decorate.  

We used acrylic paints and cotton swabs.  They started with making dots for the small inner circle and then used another color for the next circle. They were told to go around no more than 5 or 6 times and to make different size and colored circles . They were also told not to let any of the same colors be next to each other and to have the circles go off the tile if needed.  After the tiles dried I sealed them with a varnish and glued them to the table.  The kids really enjoyed making their tiles and I think they did an excellent job!

The auction was held last week and the table sold at the live auction $350! I am really happy how easy it was and how beautiful it turned out.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Busy with "The Year of the Fairy Tale" and "Life Book 2014"

Can't believe it's almost February! This month has gone by really quickly.  I have signed up for two online classes this year, Life Book 2014 over at and The Year of the Fairy Tale with Carla Sonheim 
This is my third year taking Life Book and I can't tell you how much it is worth the money! So many teachers and lesson for a little over $100 you can't go wrong. I have promised myself to do each lesson this year and so far so good.
New to me this year is Carla Sonheim's class, " The Year of the Fairy Tale". I am so excited to be taking this class, I have really wanted to explore more of the illustration side of drawing.   This month we are studying the fairy tale called, " The Frog Princess".  This week we have been practicing drawing frogs and princess or princes.  Here are some of my practice pages. 

 Below my son Jackson decided to sit with me on the couch and create some creatures of his own.
I was inspired by this weeks fairy tale theme so I created this one below. A new Creepy Cutie, meet Gracie (Jackson my 8 year old gave her the name) and her Prince.  Jackson created a story that goes with her and it goes like this. Once upon a time there was this girl named Gracie and she found her Prince in a pond deep in the woods. When she brought her home her father said she couldn't keep him and she had to take him back to the pond. She was so said and couldn't bare to let him go...  To be continued.

In Life Book we are one week 5. Week week 4 was with Kelly Hoering and I created this piece. It was a fun lesson, I enjoyed creating this.
Week 5 was with Marike Blokland.  She has a great style, she creates girls with big eyes and mouth.  It was a fun lesson and I LOVED using the neon colors! It must be the 80's girl in me. Here is my journal page from this weeks lesson.  
It's been a fun filled artsy week for me, just the way I like it.  Today I will be finishing up my pieces for a commission that I am doing and then off to my daughters house to watch the Seahawks WIN the Super Bowl.
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making the time and a sneak peak....

Wow it's a couple of weeks into January! I realized with going back to work in December, Christmas and life in general I haven't blogged in forever!  It's been an adjustment going back to work, I was only off for 5 months with shoulder surgery but it was just enough time to get out of the swing of things.   Being back at work forces me to be more organized with my time and energy and now that the holidays are over I am ready to fit being creative back into my life.  To tell the truth I MUST fit being creative into my life!  If I go for more than a few days not drawing, painting or just being crafty I start to get restless.  Last Saturday I spent 7 hours in my studio creating, I loved it.  I can't always find that much studio time and balancing everything in life (work, family, chores, creative time) can often be tough going.

As the boys get older they are in less need of my full time attention. Matthew is a teenager now so it's more like forcing him to spend time with us instead of him wanting too.  Jackson loves watching soccer and playing FIFA on the Xbox and fortunately so does my husband.  So when things wind-down for the evening and the boys go off to play their games a little before bed I sneak into my studio for a little creative time.  Now this isn't always how it goes, sometimes there's taking or picking up a kid from a event or watching Jackson's soccer games etc. but the days that all the running around and getting stuff done can be finished before dinner is when I take advantage of some creative time.  Mike and I have become quite the team as far as taking on the chores and the kids activities. Sometimes it feel like he picks up the slack a little more often than I do so that I can be creative but I try to give him his time to relax go get a beer with a friend etc. Team work is what works in our house.  I know a few of my friends have told me they envy the time I have to create and that they wish they could do the same. When I tell them to just do it, they tell me it's not so easy because they don't get the help like I do or the kids never give them free time etc. Just taking 20 minutes to write, draw or doodle most nights is better than nothing.  I guess what I am saying is that if you really want that time then you need to make it for yourself. Lock that bedroom door and tell your husband he's got kid duty for the next 30 minutes or get up an extra 20 minutes early a few days a week to create. If you have little one's give them some paper and have them create with you.  You would be amazed what you can get done in those short times and how relaxing it can be.   As women I think we just get so used to doing everything for everyone that we forget how to take care of our own needs and wants. Then at some point we start feeling like we have lost our selves and can become resentful. Taking the time to create, write or do whatever activity it is that you enjoy is such an important part of being a good mother, wife and person. We need it! It's what's makes us be the best we can be!  We might not get to do these things as often or as much as we like right now in our lives but a little is better than nothing don't you think?  I challenge everyone who reads this blog post today to take the time and be creative or just have "ME TIME"  at least 1 time a week for this year. I would love to hear of your success and strategies in making this happen. Here is are a few of my strategies I will be using to put creative time into my busy life.

  1. Get out the door by 7 a.m.  for work for most days.( Mike and I trade off going to work early and taking Jackson to school)  I can get home early get things done around the house freeing up a little evening time for creating.
  2. Make list's of what needs to get done and set deadlines.  ( This is my most challenging and the newest for me) I will use these lists for household chores and making sure I am getting my creative work done on time or in a timely manner.  Also making sure I have time to just play in my studio too. 
  3. Going with the flow.  Life doesn't always like to go with my plans so knowing that I might have to re-write my schedule or switch it up is important for me to remember. 
  4. Keeping family time as number one. With Matthew a teen now and him wanting to spend less time with us, Mike and I want to make sure that we are spending time together as a family.  Space Needle visit is next on our list for a day outing.  Last night the Mike, the boys and I spent time working on this weeks Life Book Lesson with Carla Sonheim. It was so much fun creating our silly characters! We laughed a lot. I really appreciated them doing drawing with me. I think we spent about 30 minutes right after dinner doing this and then everyone went their separate ways. 
  5. Patience.  Patience and I haven't been very good friends for most of my life.  I have always found it very hard to be patient and the Verruca Salt attitude of, " I want it now" has been a challenge for me to overcome.  Patience and I are becoming friends, slowly but surely. 
  6. Set limits on my volunteering.  I have been getting better with this one.  Right now, after school art club one time a month, art docent for my sons class one time a month and Sunday school at church once every month is all the volunteering I can do. This is still a lot considering I work full time and I want to make sure I have my creative time.  I think giving back is so important for our community and ourselves but sometimes we just can't say no and while it's for a worthy cause we end up losing our time for ourselves and become burnt out.  That little free time that I am talking about is just as important for our sanity even if we have to get over our guilt.  Balance is the key!  I am always telling my kids that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, so I am taking my own advice.   
One of my artistic goals this year is to submit my artwork to some of my favorite mixed media magazines. If you are into mixed media then I'm sure my favorite magazines Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors are your favorites too.  Here is one of the girls I will be mailing off for one of their calls.  The theme is Masquerade.
  She was created on watercolor paper using acrylics, pens, inks, markers and molding paste. The diamond background was a stencil I used with molding paste. I let the paste dry and then put Inka Gold in metal finish on the diamonds. I Zentangled her mask and the lace around her shirt. Doesn't she look like she  is on her way to the Masquerade!

The last thing I wanted to talk about is Life Book 2014. It has started and I am loving it as always.  This is my 3rd year, as I have been there from the beginning.   My goal for this year is to do every exercise and create a big book at the end of the year! Last year while I did watch every video I didn't do every lesson.  Here is my first two that I have completed.
Week 1 with Tam.  This is my guardian and my word for the year is, "Believe"  Tam had us do a meditation where our guardian came to visit us and my girl came to me at the beach. I choose ocean blue, lime green and lavender colors to represent the beach.  I choose, "Believe" to remind me to believe in myself and my abilities.  Boy, I was challenged with this the first week, looking at all the amazing guardians that the other Life Bookers created had me second guessing my abilities.  Lucky I am over it (for now) and I re-focused on creating not comparing.

 Week 2 with Micki Wilde.  I decided to create this piece on craft paper. I thought the brown bag color and texture would go great with the grey craft paint.  I love how the paper has little wrinkles in it too.  The colors pop against the grey/brown background.  I really had fun with this one. While the lesson was to create this circle and words that say, " In 2014 I will be a " I couldn't resist creating my girl!  So in 2014 I will be a Confident Creator.

If you are not part of Life Book 2014 and are interested in it go to I highly recommend it. What you get and how many amazing artist are teaching lessons for the price is an amazing deal!

I am looking forward to finishing up this weeks lessons with Carla Sonheim and will post my results next week.   
Happy Creating!