Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Slowly but surely I have been making progress with my latest piece.   In keeping with the theme of Alice in Wonderland I created the twins.
I first started by drawing my girl in my sketch book.
Then I transferred  my girl onto a piece of masonite board using carbon paper then traced her with tracing paper so that I had a flipped version of her to transfer to the other side.  A mirror image of the girl!
 Next, I started painting their faces and body. I used water color crayons, Titian Buff Golden acrylics, neon red Golden acrylics , pencil, Montana Markers in neon and large Pitt Pens in black and white.

 I used a stencil and Golden Glass Bead Gel and a stencil for texture on their dresses and some on the background. Next  yellow acrylic paint was used on the background.
 Its hard to see but I used a stamp and ink pad in black for the background but then lightly painted over it so setting it into the background.  I applied the arrow stencil with orange acrylic paint in the background as well.  I used some grafite on the dress to cast shadows and dirty it up then I added bows and a pearl flat sticky back bead as well as a crystal on top of their propellers for the finishing touch.
 Here is the finished version of my girls.  I love the brightly colored hair with the contrast of the yellow background and black and white stripped shirts.

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