Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do what is authentic to you! -Suzi Blu

Today while driving to my many accounts for my day job, I was listening to R Rice Freemans podcast that was an interview years ago with Suzi Blu.

Suzi Blu was my first experience with online mixed media art teachers. Suzi taught me so much in my first couple of years. I loved to watch her videos of her drawing and painting it was mesmerizing!

After a little over a year on Suzi's ning site I found willowing.ning and Life Book.  With working a full time job and raising a family I don't have much time to take many lessons so I left Suzi's ning site and signed up for Life Book 2012.

I have visited Suzi's ning site a few times here and there but haven't spent nearly the amount of time I used to spend on her site. I kind of moved on.  Then I heard an old podcast interview of Suzi.

Listening to Suzi reminded me of how much I loved her free spirit and inspiration she gave to everyone!

She said a few things that really stuck with me that I came home and told my Husband about.

First thing was to put your time and effort into the authentic you! Meaning that do that things that are really important and meaningful to you. If you would do something without getting paid or getting attention, and you would do it just because you love it so, then that is something that is authentic to you!

Second thing she talked about being who you are and understanding that not everyone is going to understand you or like you but what is important is being true to yourself. If you want to wear bows in your hair to the grocery store then by all means wear them! Do you want to wear multiple patterns on your clothing? Maybe you are sick of always dieting and your want to be happy with that little extra pounds you have gained over the years then be OK with it! 

What she said that I agree with the most is that not everyone will understand or agree with you just as you won't understand or agree with them. Of coarse there are people and things in this world that should not be tolerated but what I am talking about are the little things. The things that don't really hurt thewhole human race or certain group of people. You know, the stuff that when we are teens we seem to want to pick on others for. Really the stuff I guess we as women still seem to pick on each other for. 

As women we need to stick together empower each other and teach our daughters to respect one and other and honor our differences.

I don't think when Suzi did that podcast interview she thought she would make an impact on anyone but she did. She reminded me to smile at that women in the grocery store that wasn't wearing matching clothes, to clap my hands and say bravo to that women who weighs more that she should but is working her butt off exercising to get into shape at the gym.  To remind my Daughters to be proud of their differences and to respect others (they are so much better at this than I was at their age!).

 Respecting others is a lesson I teach my boys as well.  My boys have to strong independent sisters, a mother who reminds them to respect women and not to be afraid to do the things they love to do no matter what their friends might think and a Dad who shows respect and adoration to all the women in his life. My boys are going to make great husbands someday!

Thank you Suzi for the little reminder to be authentic to myself and that it is OK to be me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You are my Sunshine

When I was a little girl my Grandma would sit on the swing and put me on her lap and we would swing. I can remember the sun shinning and it feeling warm.   She would sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when sky's are grey. You will never no dear how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away".  I have fond memories of that time. My Grandma was really special to me.

It is kind of a sad song. The second verse talks about dreaming and  waking to find it was only a dream. "So I hugged my pillow and I cried".  Here is a song about missing someone, but when I hear or think of it I smile and it brings me back to being that little girl listening to Grandma sing.  She loved to sing and sang Elvis songs all of the time. She was always singing. 

You are my sunshine is on my list of songs I would sing to each of my kid's when they were little. Along with "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses. What a lullaby it made! ha.  I do hope that my kids will have fond memories of me singing to and with them like I have with my Grandma.

I love to sing too. My Sister and I used to sing all of the time as kids and today you can catch me singing in the car or when I am walking the dogs.  The other day I passed right by the account I was supposed to stop at during work because I was so caught up singing in the car that I went 10 miles before I realized what I did! Oh and the sun was shining too! Sun and music my happy pill.
Living here in the Pacific Northwest the sun likes to hide this time a year, so came out the warmth of the rays shining into the window of my car was down right amazing!

The Sun and my Grandma are two things in my life that have made me smile on many occasions.  Although my Grandma has been gone for many years now I think of her often especially when I paint a picture, crochet a scarf or use my sewing machine and for sure every time I sing "You are my Sunshine" to my kids. She was so talented and could make almost anything she put her mind to.

Today I finished up this piece in honor of my Grandma.  Her smile lit up a room like a ray of sunshine!

To Grandma and the Sun! Cheers!