Monday, August 18, 2014

Upcycle Post.... Check it out

The founders of Upcycle Post came in to my booth this past weekend.  Loved talking to them and  what they are doing over there on their website.  
Right now its a gallery of upcycled product imagery, but it sounds like there are some big things to come.  They took some pictures of my scrabble tiles and one of my OOAK dolls and they are now posted on the site. 
If you love to upcycle or buy products from crafters who upcycle this is the place to go.

Check them out!

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  1. Thanks for the blog post Lesa, Mark, Sean and I had a fun time visiting you and loved your art. The site is coming along with more traffic everyday and more development going on in the background. We're really looking forward to working with upcyclers everywhere, it's so much fun and so inspirational.

    If you have a moment we'd love for you to fill in our survey:


    Rich and Mark


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