Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This years school auction item turned out beautiful!

This year my sons elementary school held their second PTA auction.  My girl friend and I were in charge of our children's 3rd grade class project. Last year I spent many hours and many $$$$ on creating a piece so this year I was really happy that one of the kids in the class grandfather offered to build us whatever we wanted out of wood! We decided a table that we could have tiles in the middle for the kids to decorate it. We really wanted it to be something that although it was kid art it didn't look like KID art.  Since this year the kids are studying Australia we decided to do a little lesson on aboriginal art work and had the kids create some aboriginal artwork of their own.  .

The grandpa created the most beautiful out door table for us and I went to Home Depot picked up 24 4 by 4 black tiles for the kids to decorate.  

We used acrylic paints and cotton swabs.  They started with making dots for the small inner circle and then used another color for the next circle. They were told to go around no more than 5 or 6 times and to make different size and colored circles . They were also told not to let any of the same colors be next to each other and to have the circles go off the tile if needed.  After the tiles dried I sealed them with a varnish and glued them to the table.  The kids really enjoyed making their tiles and I think they did an excellent job!

The auction was held last week and the table sold at the live auction $350! I am really happy how easy it was and how beautiful it turned out.

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