Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Slowly but surely I have been making progress with my latest piece.   In keeping with the theme of Alice in Wonderland I created the twins.
I first started by drawing my girl in my sketch book.
Then I transferred  my girl onto a piece of masonite board using carbon paper then traced her with tracing paper so that I had a flipped version of her to transfer to the other side.  A mirror image of the girl!
 Next, I started painting their faces and body. I used water color crayons, Titian Buff Golden acrylics, neon red Golden acrylics , pencil, Montana Markers in neon and large Pitt Pens in black and white.

 I used a stencil and Golden Glass Bead Gel and a stencil for texture on their dresses and some on the background. Next  yellow acrylic paint was used on the background.
 Its hard to see but I used a stamp and ink pad in black for the background but then lightly painted over it so setting it into the background.  I applied the arrow stencil with orange acrylic paint in the background as well.  I used some grafite on the dress to cast shadows and dirty it up then I added bows and a pearl flat sticky back bead as well as a crystal on top of their propellers for the finishing touch.
 Here is the finished version of my girls.  I love the brightly colored hair with the contrast of the yellow background and black and white stripped shirts.

Terminator costume..... I'll be back

For Halloween this year my son wanted to dress up as the Terminator. Yes, my 9 year old loves Terminator movies thanks to my husband introducing them to him.
So I went on a search through Pinterest and Youtube to figure out how to make this costume come alive. There are some really great "how to create a cyborg costume" on youtube that helped me figure out what I wanted to do.  I bought some face paint, fake blood and grabbed my tacky glue and went to work.
I ordered a cyborg prosthetic from amazon that said it was kid size but it was more like adult so I cut it down to size and used sprit gum to adhere it to his face. Then I used Tacky Glue around the edges to seal it and to make it look like torn skin.  On his hand I used the tacky glue to outline the opening and then used grey, black and white face paint to create the inside of the hand. I did the same thing on the other side of his face. Then I dabbed fake blood all around the glue.

For the finishing touches I took a pair of 80's style sunglasses and a red finger laser light and attached the laser light to the side of the glasses with sticky back velcro.  I found a jacket in his size on amazon and bought a toy shot gun.  A little spike of the hair and we were done!
Off he went to trick or treat.  All the grown ups knew exactly who he was, his friends had no clue!   The best part was he would knock on a door and when someone would open it he would say, " I'm looking for Sara Conner" and then after getting his treat he would say, " I'll be back" It was too funny!  
I wonder what he will have me create for him next year?  I guess it will all depend on what old movies my husband will be showing him next!
Hope everyone had a fun Hallowen!