Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few new pieces that I have made for Life Book

Steampunk Butterfly

Bad Kitty

Owl? or Penguin?
Jackson says it's a owl and Matthew say's it's a Penquin.

Off to the Fair

I did it! I was brave enough to enter some of my art into a contest.

Wow was that kind of scary. I love so much to create but that nasty Inner Demon lets me know all of the time that what I make is not good enough! Thanks to my sweet friend Cindy who pushes me to be brave I did it! Three pieces. Two into the mixed media and one into the special contest. This years theme for the Fair is, "Get your Squeal on.. Race to the Fair" So I made a cute pig in a race car for the contest. When it's over the pig will find it's new home at my Sister's house.

I have made the pig for my future niece or nephew whomever it will be. They are adopting and I couldn't be more excited for them. They live on a ranch with pigs, cows, chickens and a bunch of other rescued animals that have somehow lucked out to find my Sister. ( I am sure she would say it's the other way around).  Eric and Dawn love to watch Nascar so what would be better than a pig in a race car!

So here is some pictures of my most precious Master Pieces, three of my four children holding my art that went to the fair.

Oh and the Superintendent for Fine Arts at the fair liked my art and asked me if I would do a demonstration at the fair! I am excited and nervous at the same time.  My Journey into the Artland is picking up speed and I am loving it!

What else I am loving is Tam's Life book!  I have learned some great new techniques and I am part of a amazing art community!  I will for sure sign up for Life Book 2013. You can click on the link to her website on my page.

Off to enjoy the summer sun in Seattle ( enjoy it while we can) with some great friends!