Friday, January 18, 2013

For Devon

So I had this little 5" by 5" canvas that I had painted stenciled up and I didn't like how it looked so it went into my pile of "hummm, I will think what to do with it later cause I can't throw it away".  There it sat until today.

I was helping Devon pack up for her move to California. She will be living at my Sister's (thank you Dawn) while attending nursing school.  Dawn and her Husband have this amazing home on 5 acres with all kinds of animals from cows to pigs! Devon gets her own apartment above their shop! Very cool, and a Super cool Auntie and Uncle for letting her stay there!

Devon loves bright colors so when I was in my studio taking a break from packing I saw the canvas and thought how pretty it would be with a flower that I learned how to make in LB from Kristy Tomilson. So I started to cut out my little petals for the flower.

So here it is, a little something to decorate her new apartment. 
I used, acrylics, inks, stamps and light molding paste to create the flower stencils.  When finished I melted bees wax on top and drizzled a little to add some splash!  I really like how it turned out and I am REALLY happy that I didn't throw this little canvas out.  I love how something once considered ugly is now so pretty!

As for Devon leaving, I have never felt so sad but happy at the same time. Sad cause my Baby Girl will be so far away but happy that she is going to school and is going on an adventure away from home in California! Thank God my Sister will be close by to watch over her, not that Devon needs it. She out of all 4 of my kids has always been the super independent one. It's nice to know that if she gets sick or needs any help my Sister and Eric are there for her. Thank God for Family!
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