Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pool Birthday Party Ideas

Jackson turned 8 this August and for his birthday he got a above ground swimming pool. For his birthday party we decided a pool party would be fun.

We kept the party pretty simple. They boys swam most of the time.

Here was the food table set up.

I used blue Power Aid for the pool water.  For snacks we had watermelon and some candy.  The beach balls were Gum Balls, the noodles were Twizzlers and there was Life Savers Gummies as well.  We had a popcorn bucket overflowing with popcorn and some mini M&M's and Skittles to add to their popcorn bag.

For lunch we served pasta shells with their choice of butter, red or white sauce.  Jackson loves his pasta!

For the birthday cake we had two items.  I made cupcakes and since we had some kids with food allergies we sang Happy Birthday using a popsicle cake.

For the popsicle cake I used two circle shaped styrofoam pieces and anchored them together with toothpicks.  I glued a glittery ribbon around it and tied a bow.  When we were ready to sing Happy Birthday,  I stuck the popsicles around in random order. I also used sparkler candles. It was super easy and the kids thought it was really cool. Literally!

I decorated the cupcakes with vanilla frosting that I added blue raspberry jello to it. (Idea found on Pinterest).  The sand is crumbled up vanilla wafers. The red beach towel was a piece of sour fruit roll up type candies and you can see the Life Savor and the Teddy Grams that were used as well.  Topped it off with a mini umbrella used for drinks.  I found the idea for the cupcake on pinterest.  

For the games they played two.

Silly string games was a free for all, they just had fun spraying each other with the string.

Balloon toss with a twist.  
I found this on pinterest as well. I tied colanders on top of baseball helmets and the boys were put into teams. One of them wore the helmet and the other tossed the balloons trying to get them into the colander without popping. They had five balloons each to try and then they switched.

For the rest of the party they just played in the pool.  Very easy and very fun!

Happy Creating!

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