Thursday, August 15, 2013

Working on some new stuff..... Creepy Cuties

My journey through the Artland is continuing full steam ahead. I have been busy working on some new creations. I have been calling them my Creepy Cuties. Take a look:
Alice and Pun
Meet Alice and her troublesome pet Punny Boo Boo. Alice is not too thrilled with Punny. You see, Alice swore she would never go back down that rabbit hole again but Punny Boo Boo decided to go on an adventure of his own. Being part pig, Pun left a trail of crumbs behind leading straight down that dreaded hole. Alice knew that danger lurked ahead but she had no choice but to rescue her troublesome pet. Once down the hole she searched for Pun. When she found him she heard a loud scream. AHHHH!  Then she heard the familiar voice of the Queen say, "Who Stole my Tarts!" The words echoed through Alice's head and she knew it wasn't going to be easy to escape Wonderland once again.

Always and Forever

Annabelle and Isabelle are twins that were always together, they never did anything a part. Was it by choice?

School Daze
Walking into school Claudia was unsure how her friends would react to her new look. What she knew for sure was that she was, "daring to be different".

So there they are, my Creepy Cuties. I have some more in the works. I am going to take the next one step by step so you can see how I create them.  Let me know what you think. If you have any ideas for future Creepy Cuties please leave a comment to let me know.

Happy Creating!

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