Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lifebook lesson. Week 35

I just finished this whimsy little Angel from week 35 lesson in Life Book.  Kylie Fowler was the teacher for this lesson. The envelope has a little secret note written by me to me reminding myself about the good qualities in me and in my art.  So the days my Lil Demon decides to raise her head I will grab this little note and read it, in hopes to put her back to sleep!

Looking at her, she kind of looks like me as a kid. Well a cartoon kid maybe. I had stringy brown hair that loved to fly around and never stay in place no matter how many times a day my Grandma would brush it. My lips were big (still are). Here eyes are green and mine are brown but they are big like hers.  I think the little girl in me brought her pencils and crayons out to play!

I drew another one and it reminds me of my Sister. I named this one Lucy but maybe it should be Lesa and the other Dawn! I'm sure my Grandma would have agreed that we were her Lil Angels!

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