Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's a few days since Thanksgiving and I finally finished the piece I was working on in honor of the day.  She started out as a drawing for the 40 portraits challenge that Gritty Jane had posted a month or so ago.  I was hoping that I would have had more faces done by now but it's the holiday season and I have returned back to work full time so not much creating has been done.
So, here she is the before and after. I really like how the color changed her mood on her face. Her face is softer and younger looking in the drawing and the color adds a big of age to her.  The five feathers represent what she is thankful for, family, life, love, friendship and hope.  Her journey in life hasn't always been easy but she is very thankful for the journey and all that has come her way because of it.

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